Betsy Bertram | Yoga & Kiteboarding Instructor

Yoga comes from the word yoke: to bring together. For Betsy, yoga is the coming together of breath and body, intention and expression, heart and soul. Her classes include yoga philosophy, hands on adjustments, and inspiration for how to live your yoga off the mat.


Compassion-Centered Yoga  

Join me Wednesday mornings from 8am - 9am for a FREE all levels class at Townsend Bertram & Co.

To signup for a small group or individual class, please email

All ages and levels welcome. No prior yoga experience necessary. Mats and props provided.

$100 for individual class
Package of 3 individual classes for $280
Small group rates vary. Inquire for details
Email me with scholarship or trade requests.

Class Descriptions

GentlE Yoga

    Breathe life into a calming yoga practice. Guided movement, gentle stretching and an emphasis on listening to your own body, this class is perfect for all levels. Therapeutic adjustments, alignment focused flows, and breathing practices culminate in a rejuvenating class.  

Shake Your Soul: The Dance of Yoga   

A fusion of yoga and dance, Shake Your Soul provides all the traditional benefits of exercise with an emphasis on letting go, having fun and bringing inspiration to your movement and life. Diverse music is the soundtrack for a flow with a repertoire of guided movements and time to explore your own inner dance. This mind-body connection experience is sure to make you sweat, smile and shake your soul. Shake Your Soul allows students to experience movement from the inside out in a less structured form than a traditional yoga class. I appreciate the dance of yoga as a unique approach to mind-body connection that gets your soul movin’ and groovin’.

Moderate Yoga

    Re-energize with a variety of foundational asanas, longer holds and pranayama. Build heat in the body, lengthen tight muscles, reconnect to your breath and explore familiar postures in new ways. Therapeutic adjustments, strength building flows, and yoga philosophy culminate in a re-energizing class.

Private Yoga: Individual and Group Classes

Private yoga classes offer an array of unique benefits. Whether you are trying out yoga for the first time or have been practicing for years, private yoga sessions offer a valuable mind body experience.

All of my private classes include a pre-consultation to discuss the objective of the session. In each session, whether it is one person or many, I mindfully adjust students with the optional use of essential oils.


Benefits of Private Yoga and Small Classes

Physical limitations

A one-on-one class with me is a great way to find a practice that works for your body and unique limitations. Just as every body is unique, so is each individual’s yoga practice. Don’t let whatever physical limitations you experience limit your yoga. In a private session I will assist you in developing a practice that honors your limitations.

Develop a Home Practice

Have you always wanted to have a yoga practice specifically designed for you targeting the areas you care most about strengthening and stretching? I work one-on-one with students to build a home practice specific to my student’s wants and needs. With a strong, unique home practice, you are can practice anywhere, anytime. You always have your body with you, which makes yoga accessible everywhere you go.

Honor an injury (physical or emotional)

If you have a recent, reoccurring or old injury that causes discomfort and/or struggle in your daily life, let yoga be a part of your healing process. The practice of yoga strives to balance the body and help individuals find the correct alignment in their own bodies, which can help restore the body after a trauma of any kind.

Intimidated by a large group setting

If you are simply intimated to go into a big room full of experienced yogis, private yoga is just the thing for you. You can get a one-on-one or invite a few friends to join you for a private class at the studio or in your home if you have an accommodating space.


Want to work on specific postures

Do you find yourself wanting to ask questions or receive more adjustments in specific asanas? A private session allows you to ask unlimited questions about poses. I also offer deeper adjustments to gently guide students more fully into each pose and feel how slight alterations can make monumental shifts in body, mind and spirit.

Events and fun

A private yoga class at your home or the studio is a fabulous addition to any event ranging from a birthday party to a wedding weekend. Invite me to your next event for a traditional yoga class or Shake Your Soul: The Dance of Yoga.

A gift

Give the gift of bliss and help a friend or family member be the yogi they want to be. Purchase a gift certificate for a private session and help someone you love relax, restore and rejuvenate through yoga.

For your Employees

I offer free monthly yoga classes to everyone on our team at Townsend Bertram & Company. We offer free monthly yoga and mediation practice because we believe physical and mental health, balance, and self-care are essential for a positive work environment. We have seen and heard from our staff what a difference yoga makes in the start of their work day and the shifts in mindset and flexibility the practice creates. Change your work environment and your life by offering customizable, guided yoga and meditation to your team and yourself.


My love of yoga sparked when I attended a class with my mother at age 12. After nearly a decade of practice, I earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification at Kripalu in 2011.  Ready for another adventure, I moved to the Dominican Republic where I led sunset yoga to students on the beach at Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding in Cabarete. In August of 2012, I returned to Kripalu to complete Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance Teacher Training with Daniel Leven. I have practiced with Sommer and Paul Sobin for six years in North Carolina and completed their Thousand Petal Yoga 6 week immersion program in 2014 and their 5 month emersion meditation program in 2019.

Yoga opened my body and mind to the practice of self acceptance and finding calm in the chaos of life. Embodying yoga postures taught me to feel at home in a body I spent years hating. Yoga lowered my anxiety while nurturing gratitude for all that my body does for me. Through yoga I learned to listen to my body and tap into my well of inner wisdom.

I’ve always believed yoga is for everyone and every body of all ages, shapes, and sizes. As a yoga teacher I strive to make the practice more accessible through small classes in a supportive, safe, and non-competitive environment that cultivates connection to self and others. My compassion-centered classes inspire exploration, embodiment, and enjoyment.

I now live and teach in Carrboro. I teach free, all levels community classes at Townsend Bertram & Company Adventure Outfitters located in Historic Carr Mill in Carrboro and The Franklin Hotel in Chapel Hill. In addition, I teach private classes and small groups.