Betsy Bertram | Yoga & Kiteboarding Instructor

Betsy Bertram


Betsy Bertram is an adventurer, community builder, writer, speaker, and leader. From 2012-2019 she worked in the outdoor industry at her family owned adventure outfitters, Townsend Bertram & Company in Carrboro, North Carolina. At TB&C Betsy worked in many roles including: sales associate, buyer, general manager and brand developer. In her last three years at the store as brand developer, Betsy managed marketing, built an events program and directed community outreach and nonprofit partnerships. In August of 2019, Betsy stepped into an advisory role at TB&C to pursue a degree in Outdoor Leadership.

Betsy founded Bertram Consulting, community minded, sustainability focused consulting for businesses seeking to thrive, grow and giveback. In addition to consulting, Betsy is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and International Kiteboarding Instructor. She writes for the outdoor industry and has been published in SNEWS, The Voice, She Explores, and Outdoor Retailer. As a graduate of the Outdoor Industry Association Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy, Betsy now serves as the vice chair on the Future Leadership Academy board. Betsy currently lives in North Carolina where she consults, teaches yoga and finishes her degree.

As a kiteboarder, ocean lover, mountain goer, snowboarder, Betsy seeks refuge and rejuvenation in the natural world. Betsy’s adventurous and imaginative nature informs her daily life. Homemade breakfast, mandala drawing, star gazing, farmer’s markets, and walkabouts in the woods are a few of her favorite things.

Spiralizations: A daily creativity practice, the art of mandala making

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In Sanskrit, the word mandala means circle. In Buddhism, the mandala represents the universe. For me, the act of drawing a daily mandala represents the universe of creative opportunity, an access point to artistic expression and a calming practice that centers me. The circle illustrates the infinite by creating a finite amount of space to fill with your creative spirit in the vastness of possibility. I started the practice at 8 years old when my Aunt Gretchen introduced me to the art of mandala making. She showed me how to begin with an empty circle with no intention other than to be creative. The practice of drawing a circle daily helped me get over my creative blocks from a young age and the overwhelm of infinite white space. Over the years I have come to love that each mandala is an unrepeatable artistic expression of the moment. If you too seek a creative outlet and centering practice, make a mandala of your own, opening up to the boundless creative energy around and within you.

Contact me if you are interested in having a mandala workshop at your next event or retreat.