Betsy Bertram | Yoga & Kiteboarding Instructor

Kiteboarding may look intimidating but it is a great sport for anyone who loves the water, a good challenge, and connecting with other ocean enthusiasts. As a certified International Kiteboarding Organization instructor, Betsy designs lessons around each individual’s abilities and aspirations.  

I learned to kite at age 13 and have taught students as young as 7 and as old as 65. Each lesson includes all the kiteboarding and safety equipment needed. Each lesson is unique and tailored to the skill level, learning style, and comfort level of the student(s). It is important for you to know that kiteboarding has a progressive learning curve involving multiple steps before you are ready to ride, requiring a series of lessons to gain proficiency in the sport. Kiting is healthy exercise, but more importantly it will bring you into the present moment, build your confidence, and create meaningful connection with other ocean-minded people seeking to live their best lives.

I currently teach lessons in Beaufort and Wrightsville Beach located in North Carolina. I create custom packages designed for clients based on the number of people, amount of gear, and hours of lessons. I happily work with clients outside of the listed locations and build in travel costs dependent on location into the pricing of the custom package. Getting more people out on the water is a life goal. I am always happy to work with students to make learning the sport accessible through trade and scholarship opportunities.

Contact me at to inquire about lessons.

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Kiteboarding Background

I received my International Kiteboarding Instructor Training in December of 2011 and have taught kiteboarding for 7 years beginning with Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic. One of my missions in life is to get more people, and especially women, kiteboarding. Despite popular videos that show the extreme, ego driven side of the sport, kiteboarding is a safe, fun sport for anyone who loves the water with a desire to learn something new.

To me kiteboarding is dancing on the water and you can often hear me singing as I sail over the waves. Kiting taught me to fly and reminds me regularly that we all have the potential to reach ever new heights. In kiting, the first safety system is to simply let go of the bar and 90% of the time the kite de-powers and all is well. This powerful act of simply letting go helps me remember that in life, we must learn to hold things gently rather than clutching with a white knuckled grip. I strive to live like I kite, with a full heart and courageous fearlessness, always ready to take flight.